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About The NUTS



National United Travelers (NUTS) provides fellowship and support for owners of  National RV, Inc. motor homes, former members who previously owned a National  RV, and members sponsored by existing NUTS members.

 We are a group of RVers of all ages sharing a common theme about enjoying  fellowship and fun.


 We typically hold three to four rallies per year in Florida.  Our rally  activities include
a NUTty social hour, catered dinners, our own NUTty band, skits and professional  entertainment.


 National United Travelers held its charter rally  on April 25-28, 1996 at Christmas (FL) Airstream Campgrounds. Thirty-two (32)  member families signed the charter.   The following June, NUTS received recognition as a Chapter from the Family Motor  Coach Association (FMCA).

 NUTS was formed as a special interest,
International Chapter of FMCA
 designated for owners of National RV motor homes.

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