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Announcement   NUTS Tech Support

Most of the NUTS remember  Kenny Blackmon, former General Manager of National RV’s Service Center in  Lakeland. Kenny has been a true friend during the years of National RV; providing technical and business information seminars at several of our rallies.  Kenny has now joined Newmar Corporation as their Service Development  Representative. Together they are offering new support avenues for the NUTS.

Kenny will be at most of  the NUTS rallies to provide ongoing Q&A discussions. Here he will host questions  about the RV industry and technical questions on National RV product.

Kenny Blackmon, our NUTS Tech, recently joined Camping Connection, Kissimmee, as their Service Manager.

This benefits the NUTS two-fold: 1) since Kenny will no longer be traveling, he will be able to provide better turnaround to our email inquiries, and 2) the NUTS now have a connection to a great RV accessories, parts and service center, Camping Connection. You can still contact Kenny via our NUTS tech email address:

Now for ongoing NUTS  technical support (item 2). We all have little (hopefully) problems with our  coaches and wonder where we can get advice now that National RV is no more. This  is where NUTS Tech Support comes in. Now you can submit your problems/questions  to and Kenny will  respond. If he can’t answer the question specifically, he still networks with  the techs from Lakeland.

In October 2011, an email was sent to all members discussing the idea of having Kenny Blackmon (Camping Connection) expanding his tech session to offer on site service during our rally. It appears that this was well received since Kenny and one of his technicians had enough work to return to our rally on Saturday. Anyone wanting Kenny to do some work or has a motor home related problem to discuss can speed this process by contacting him through his NUTS email address: . If you let him know what you need prior to the rally, he can have parts and/or a technician ready and waiting.

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