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Officer Responsibilities 


  • Establish rally schedule (locations & dates)
  • Maintain relations with dealers for displays & sponsorship
  • Lead meetings

1st Vice President:    In charge of themes.

  • Establish rally theme, decorate meeting hall accordingly
  • Arrange for and conduct “door prizes”
  • Arrange for crafts

2nd Vice President:    (In charge of entertainment)

  • Arrange 2nd evening professional entertainment
  • Arrange for seminars, skits, contests, games, etc. as part of evenings program(s)
  • Arrange for any “special” events (i.e. tours, outings, flea markets, etc.)
  • Conduct 50/50 raffle

Secretary:    As established


Treasurer:     As established


Rally Master:

  • Arrange caterer for dinners
  • Conduct full breakfast & continental breakfast
  • Conduct ice cream social

Wagon Master

  • Register at the office, pick up assigned site list before rally starts
  • Park units and pass out park policies
  • Collect all fees and turn them into the office upon arrival.
  • All facilities must be kept clean.

National Director / Alternate:     As established


Appointed Positions:

  • Newsletter Editor -  Russ & Nancy McGinnis
  • Decorations leader – 1st VP
  • Golf leader – Roy Ray
  • Historian / photographer – Armin Wolle
  • Chaplin – Winnie Williams
  • Parliamentarian - Secretary
  • Wagon Master –
  • Sherriff -

--- If any officer or appointee can not attend an upcoming rally, they are responsible for finding someone to replace them to conduct their duties.


--- Establish good communications between all positions for the sake of rally success.



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